Ain Soph Ginza

Ain Soph Ginza

Date of visit: mid November 2019

Visiting at least one of the Ain Soph restaurants when in Tokyo is a good plan. I’d hoped to visit all but consider myself very fortunate I at least got to try one of them.

Before our meals arrived we received this big plate of salad. I ate most of it and started feeling full.

The Ain Soph pancakes seem to be highly regarded in vegan circles around the world and were really the only option for Dee, being eleven and a pancake fan. These pancakes were super light and fluffy and served with a selection of fruit and blueberry sauce. As if that’s not enough, they also come with a side of cream and fruit-nuts and a house made rum raisin ice cream. I got to try some of the pancakes as Dee was too full to finish, and she didn’t touch the cream or ice cream, so hurrah for me:

I ordered the fukurokuju bento. SO MUCH FOOD. There was a delicious tomato soup and brown rice to go with all the gorgeous veg in the box. Plus a small bowl of miso walnut paste, soy meat, pickled veg, tofu slice, and a saucy spinach dish that I poured over the rice.

Beautiful, beautiful food.

This meal made me regret I hadn’t been able to visit other Ain Soph locations. I can certainly see why these restaurants are highly regarded in vegan travel circles and always come up as a recommendation when vegans and vegetarians are asking for good restaurant recs in Tokyo.

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