Asahi Sushi Ichinoseki

Date of visit: October 27th, 2019

Asahi Sushi was around the corner from our hotel, something I’d noticed when checking our hotel location on Google Maps before our trip. I emailed them (using Google Translate) asking if anything could be made without animal ingredients such as sushi/maki rolls, and they said yes.

We ended up having a simple but lovely dinner in a traditional Japanese setting (shoes off before you step up on to the seating!), we didn’t have to kneel as our legs were under the table though we sat on cushioned tatami seating.

For a starter they made us a little salad:

I was grateful to the staff for helping us order these vegan options. Our server was a little frazzled at the start but nice and when she noticed Dee struggling a bit with her chopsticks, she brought out a fork. When we paid our bill she gave Dee a little present which was much appreciated.

Not shown is the kombu based soup which had a few pieces of fried tofu (yum), lots of green tea and Dee’s request of plain rice in nori. I ordered everything that could be made in to a veg maki roll so we got cucumber, pumpkin, daikon and pickled plum. Freshly made and delicious:

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