Chaya Macrobi Isetan Shinjuku

Date of visit: October 21st, 2019

I heard about Chaya from a few other vegan blogs, or more specifically, the strawberry shortcake at Chaya. So of course this was going to be near the top of the vegan eats to-do list, despite Chaya also being known for its expensive food.

The strawberry shortcake was indeed so good that we went back for a second visit further in to our trip. I didn’t eat any of the savoury meals there, which follow macrobiotic philosophy. Chaya isn’t vegetarian as they serve seafood, but offer many vegan and vegetarian options.

On our first visit we were seated right away. Dee got the strawberry shortcake which is also gluten free, and I ordered the Japanese chestnut roll cake. I’ve joined the ranks of those before who gush about these beautiful cakes, because I loved both. Well worth every yen in my books.

On our second visit, we had to wait on the seats outside for about five minutes.

To get to this Chaya outlet, go to the Isetan department store in Shinjuku, and take the lift to the top floor which I think was the seventh floor. Chaya is right there when the lift doors open, on the left side.

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