Daiwa Roynet Hotel Ginza

Daiwa Roynet Hotel Ginza

Date of stay: early November 2019

This was probably our favourite hotel during our trip because of the fancy bathroom. After the standard Japanese hotel bathrooms previously, this felt like a luxury spa, especially with the shower that had two options for the adjustable head or overhead waterfall. Nice! We also had pyjamas and a robe supplied. This hotel didn’t have breakfast service so we bought stuff from the convenience stores.

The space in the room was okay, but we didn’t have big suitcases to deal with.

We were in a women-only section, where you needed to swipe your card to access the hallway.

This hotel was in a great location, as we found the Ginza area very pleasant and safe to walk around at night. It was nice to come home to the luxury bathroom and when we had checked in, the staff gave us little bags of toiletries. One for each day, but we didn’t use them (shampoos, body lotion, that kind of thing).

The day before we checked out, I asked the staff if we could forward our bags to the next hotel. We paid about 3850 yen for three small-ish bags to go to the Tokyo Bay area (near Disney). The staff handled everything and our bags arrived safely.

I can’t fault this hotel and would gladly stay there again.

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