DAY 11 Akita Nairiku Railway and Seitsukan Farmstay

DAY 11 Akita Nairiku Railway and Seitsukan Farmstay

October 24th, 2019

For our Seisetsukan farmstay, please click here.

We left Furusato early, with Mr Kawai driving us to Kakunodate station. He helped us purchase our tickets for the Akita Nairiku train, and the night before Mrs Kawai had written out instructions for us to give to the station attendants regarding our luggage being stored there. Everything worked out well and I was grateful that our bags were kept safe and we didn’t have to carry them with us.

The Akita Nairiku train runs from Kakunodate station to Takanosu. Mrs Kawai had called our Seisetsukan farmstay host (they all know eachother) to discuss the best options for what Dee and I could do and when/where to meet our hosts. The plan was for us to get off the train at Aniai station, get some food and walk around, then catch the train to Matsuba station, where we’d meet our Seisetsukan host. You can read more about the Akita Nairiku train at

And so we found ourselves on a rather busy train, popular with tourists, admiring the stunning autumn scenery.

At Aniai station we browsed the gift shop and added a stamp to our train station collection:

The restaurant was quite busy. I wasn’t hungry and Dee was content with a bowl of rice, a glass of juice and an ice cream. There were window benches with power and USB ports and as my phone battery and the tablet battery were running low, we sat here for a while charging the devices before heading out for a short walk.

Truthfully there wasn’t all that much to do for the time we spent there, though there was a tourist walking map pointing you to some smaller local shrines and such. If you go here I think you need a plan of what you want to see. Still, it was a nice day to walk around in autumn sunshine.

And then we were back on the Akita Nairiku train towards Matsuba station to meet our host.

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