DAY 18 Edo Wonderland and Tosho-gu

DAY 18 Edo Wonderland and Tosho-gu

October 31st, 2019

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Edo Wonderland

Food: D’Vine Nikko Restaurant and Bar*
Hotel: Akari no Yado Nikko Village Revage*

We selected a breakfast time of 08:40. Kono-san, the Akari no Yado Nikko Village Revage hotel manager had assured me a vegan breakfast was no problem. He wasn’t kidding because the breakfast was amazing and looked way better than the non-vegan trays:

I was stuffed after all that food. We caught the 09:32 street bus to the free shuttle pickup point for Edo Wonderland shuttle which was departing at 9:50. I highly recommend this if you’re going to Edo Wonderland as there was nobody else on the shuttle at this point. Be careful though to note the correct pickup point as Google showed me something a little distance away and luckily the bus driver saw us waving and running and waited for us. The correct pickup location is on the actual street (the main Nikko road), there’s a sign and you just wait on the footpath.

The shuttle also stopped at the train station and a few groups got on board. The ride to Edo Wonderland was about half an hour or so.

Edo Wonderland is a theme park/recreation type world that is really well done. There was only a handful of people when we arrived, though it got busy after an hour with some school and tour groups. I’d previously purchased tickets online via Klook and exchanged the voucher in person without a problem.

There are performances and hands-on activities at Edo Wonderland. To begin with we just walked around for a long time looking at everything, before we went in to see a theatre performance which took about twenty minutes. We all had to take our shoes off and were given a plastic bag for our shoes, and we later returned the plastic bags. I don’t think photos were permitted as I didn’t see anyone else holding a camera up, but the performance was about a princess (?) who could manipulate water. It was so much fun to watch as they were doing cool tricks with water and despite it all being in Japanese, we could understand what was happening and laugh along and a lot of it was all visual too. Highly recommend this!


There was also shuriken throwing which was about 600 yen for throwing seven shuriken (actual metal, not plastic or rubber toys). Dee had a turn and said it was harder than you’d think. There was also archery, again for a fee and some other hands on activities like 500 yen for painting a daruma.

We caught the 2pm Edo Wonderland free shuttle bus back (from the car park). The driver dropped us off at Shinkyo bridge this time, so we could get in some more sightseeing.

From there we went to Toshogu, the resting place of Tokugawa Ieyasu who the founder of the Tokugawa Shogunate, ruling Japan for over 250 years. There were lots of steep stone stairs and no handrails for most of it. Be very careful in wet weather. It was a little crowded but with breaks to take pics.

This was a fantastic place to visit, even if you’re all can’t-stand-seeing-another-shrine-or-temple you have to go here because it’s stunning.

After Toshogu shrine we walked around a bit then went to D’Vine Nikko for a great dinner (review here):

By this time it was night, and we walked for about fifteen minutes to our hotel.


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