DAY 21 Bus from Tokyo Station to Kawaguchiko

DAY 21 Bus from Tokyo Station to Kawaguchiko

November 3rd, 2019

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Kawaguchiko highway bus
Music Forest Museum

Hotel: Fuji View Hotel*

Food: Fuji Tempura Idaten*

Today we started with a 7:00am breakfast, then a ten minute walk to the JR bus terminal at Tokyo station Yaesu South exit for our 08:10 expressway bus to Kawaguchiko (Mount Fuji area).

Unfortunately we couldn’t use our JR Pass for this bus, but I was easily able to book the tickets online before we left home. I just needed the confirmation email they sent me to show the driver and that was it.

For information on this bus click here.

Boarding began at 08:00 and we were off at the scheduled time of 08:10. At around 09:15 the bus slowed to a crawl because of congestion on the roads.

We arrived at a very crowded Kawaguchiko station at about 11:00. The estimated trip time when I’d booked tickets was about two hours, our trip took just under three hours.

Unfortunately for us the coin lockers were all taken, but there was a baggage storage service where we paid 2100 yen to store three bags with pick-up before 5pm. Yikes, but I was happy to pay for not carrying those bags everywhere!

Of course, as we turned the corner and walked half a minute we saw another batch of coin lockers where half were empty. Argh!

Lunch was at Fuji Tempura Idaten restaurant (review here) near Kawaguchiko station, as reviews said there were vegan options on an English menu. There was one vegan option where you ask for the tempura batter to be eggless, and this was helpfully outlined in English with a picture to show non-English speaking staff. So I ordered the only vegan option which was a tempura dish with green capsicum, mushrooms, sweet potato, tomato and pumpkin tempura (one piece of each):

This meal was okay, nothing spectacular but it’s always good to see vegan options clearly outlined.

From Kawaguchiko station it was time to catch the loop bus. The area was packed but we were early in the queue and got a seat on the red line bus. The bus pass is for two days and cost 1400 yen for me and 700 yen for my daughter (age eleven).

Our first stop was the Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum as it sounded like something Dee would enjoy. I didn’t know what to expect but I had a throwback moment to when we went to Sanrio Puroland and I thought wow they’ve really put some effort in here.

The museum gift shop was pretty huge for a gift shop. Lots of musical trinkets such as music boxes as well as Christmas stuff. For a gift shop it was quite charming, I must admit. There were some lovely musical wooden toys for young children.

The Museum has some musical performances and we caught about a minute of one show that was ending. Dee preferred to walk around and explore the interactive stuff, such as a table with some musical instruments for kids (think early years kindergarten type instruments) which were also being enjoyed by adults.

It was about 3:00pm so we got back on the loop bus heading back to Kawaguchiko station. Standing room only in a hot crowded bus. Not good because a few minutes after getting on the bus my guts started churning and I began to feel really sick, worried that I’d either vomit or crap my pants on the bus. It was the slowest most torturous bus ride ever as we were in numerous traffic jams, and when we finally got to Kawaguchiko I had to queue for what felt like ages to get to a toilet. I was so sick that I only just made it in time (literally).

We collected our bags from the storage place and just missed the 3:45 free hotel shuttle bus by five minutes, thanks to my toilet visit. We caught a taxi and I must have looked a sight because the taxi driver and then the hotel staff asked if I was okay. So being sick like this stopped further sight seeing for the day.

And so for our only night in the expensive Fuji View Hotel (review here), which was one of the splurge hotels on this trip, we stayed in the room. No onsen and no going back out for dinner, just lots of water, hotel green tea and YouTube, all within arm’s reach of the toilet.


On to Day 22.

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