DAY 22 Mount Fuji and a Bus Back to Tokyo

DAY 22 Mount Fuji and a Bus Back to Tokyo

November 4th, 2019

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Itchiku Kubota Art Museum
Momiji Autumn Leaves Festival
Kawaguchiko Konohana Museum

Hotel: Daiwa Roynet Hotel Ginza*
Food: Shaw’s Sushi Bar and Dining*

Fortunately I woke up feeling better and whatever norovirus-esque type thing I had yesterday disappeared and didn’t pass on to Dee. Our highway bus back to Tokyo wasn’t until 15:00 so we had lots of time to spare.

Dee wanted to feed the fish in the hotel pond so we did that for a while before our hotel shuttle bus:

We bought a few souvenirs from the gift shop and saw yet more beautiful Japanese packaging.

The plan had been to use the hot baths at the hotel but because I was sick we gave it a miss, so it was a bit disappointing to have splurged a little on this hotel but we didn’t do much there in the end nor go to dinner.

We caught the 9:30 hotel shuttle bus to Kawaguchiko station and used the coin lockers. From there we bought tickets from the ticket booth outside the station for the red line bus. There were different bus routes (green and blue) with maps and bus stops labelled accordingly, with staff outside guiding people.

On the red line bus we went to stop 17. This was a mistake on my part as I got the name of the museum I wanted to see mixed up but it turned out to be a fantastic mistake because we ended up at the Itchiku Kubota Art Museum which houses the work of textile artist Itchiku Kubota. Photos aren’t allowed inside but the kimono on display were stunning, and well worth a visit.

The museum has beautiful grounds and buildings which Dee and I enjoyed exploring. There was a sign about monkeys in the area but we didn’t see any:

After the Museum we walked to the Momiji Autumn Leaves Festival, though I’m not entirely sure we saw everything. There were some avenues to walk down which were quite busy, and at night they were lit up, but as it wasn’t as autumn-leafy as I thought I wondered if there was another location we missed. There were a lot of food stalls and arts and crafts stalls and the only vegan food option I saw was a green steamed mochi type bun, which was taken out of a freezer and microwaved so it was a bit disappointing as it went all hard when cooled and stuck to the wrapping.

From here it was a short walk to the Kawaguchiko Konohana Museum for all things Dayan cat. Dayan cat is a book series from Japan and this museum-gallery featured the work of creator Ikeda Akiko. We’d never seen these characters before but still enjoyed looking at all the artwork on display and the merchandise (and tempted to buy, which is saying something about how good it was and great quality, when we’d never seen this artwork before!), though we didn’t buy anything this time:


We caught the red bus back to Kawaguchiko station, went to the 7-Eleven ATM for cash then enjoyed a fantastic late lunch at Shaw Sushi Bar & Dining (review here). This was one of the best vegan meals I ate in Japan:

By the time we finished lunch it was 14:30 so we got our bags out of the coin lockers and caught the 15:00 highway bus back to Tokyo. Due to traffic delays, our two hour bus trip took over five hours, so we were really tired when we finally arrived at Tokyo station, and we caught a taxi to the hotel.


On to Day 23.

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