DAY 24 TeamLab Borderless and Odaiba

DAY 24 TeamLab Borderless and Odaiba

November 6th, 2019

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Teamlab Borderless
Venus Fort

Hotel: Daiwa Roynet Hotel Ginza*

Today I woke with a horribly sore foot, the kind of sore foot where you know you have to be careful that day. Most annoying because it was going to be an on-your-feet day.

I’d pre-purchased our tickets to Teamlab Borderless before leaving Melbourne and on the day of admission, they email you a link to your e-ticket, which has a QR code that you scan at the Borderless ticket gates. So be sure you have access to your email on the day you visit if you’ve pre-booked!

From Ginza-itchome station near our hotel, we caught the train to Toyosu station then transferred to the Yurikamome line to Aomi station. This was a nice kinda plus train and not like the regular subway trains.

Heading in to Odaiba I was getting all excited looking at some of the really cool buildings which had a futuristic feel.

From Aomi station it was a short walk to where we needed to go, but signs weren’t always obvious once we got closer to the Borderless area. We noticed quite a few people also walking around looking lost and following an arrow that seemed to tell you to go one way but another arrow made you go back the way you came.

We had followed advice to get to Teamlab Borderless about half an hour before opening time. There was already a crowd gathered and a few minutes before opening time we were all ushered in to the indoor area near the ticket gates. They tried to cram in as many people as possible, which was pretty stifling.

Once inside the crowd dispersed and we found ourselves alone in quite a few of the rooms. This was great because within half an hour it was really busy with people taking their Insta-photos and not moving out of the way until they got their perfect pose. Argh…

All up we spent about two and a half hours in there. I’ve seen some very hit and miss reviews of Teamlab Borderless but I liked it and my eleven year old loved it.

I had wanted to go to the Toyota MegaWeb and see if Dee could have a ride in the kids cars on the track, but it seemed not to be operating that day and nobody was around, perhaps because the Toyota motor show was on at the same time elsewhere.

We took a look inside then Venus Fort which is basically all about shopping and outlet type stalls. Not my interest at all but we wanted to check out the ceiling which looks like a night sky.

We went to the Family Mart there and sat around in a sad courtyard for a while eating and resting. For an area touted as a big tourist attraction most of the outlet stores were empty.

We took the free Odaiba shuttle bus to stop 5, Diver City, to see the unicorn Gundam statue which ‘transforms’ during the morning and lunch hours. Don’t expect some amazing show, but it was good to see regardless. The Gundam statue is damn impressive!

We really didn’t know what else to do around the area so we went to the Fuji TV building as I thought we could go up to the sphere observation deck, but we followed a wrong sign and went in to a Japanese tv history gallery where we zoomed through as we couldn’t understand anything, but enjoyed looking at some of the ads for various shows, particularly shows decades old.

From there we walked to Aqua City which is another shopping mall type place, to see the robot information assistant. Equal parts impressive and creepy:

I didn’t take detailed notes so I can’t recall what else we did but I think we just walked around a fair bit looking at stuff before heading back to the hotel and convenience store for dinner.

This day had felt like we wasted a lot of time just walking around and I remember thinking we should have followed my itinerary a little better. I had also been frustrated at the lack of signage combined with Google Maps not showing me the correct route for things. But when you have a really sore foot you just want to sit down at the first rest place you see every half hour or so and before you know it it’s time to go home.


On to Day 25.

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