DAY 27 DisneySea


DAY 27 DisneySea

November 9th, 2019

Saturday, the worst day possible to visit a Disney park but alas we had no choice. Still buzzing from yesterday’s Tokyo Disney day, we were excited to head in to DisneySea! DisneySea I believe was built in response to survey results where people said when visiting a theme park they wanted to feel like they were in another country or location. DisneySea was also designed to appeal more to the older crowd, being teenagers and above so it does feel a little more grown up in that respect. But there is still a lot there for younger kids to enjoy.

Visually, I found the whole place stunning. Especially the Venetian areas. The amount of detail that goes in to everything is staggering, from the buildings to the different staff uniforms which change depending which world you’re in.

We were only able to visit on this Saturday given our itinerary so I knew it would be crowded. And boy, was it super crowded. But again, the queues moved quickly at the entrance gates. And that’s where it went a bit downhill. It was impossible to look for a map at the entrance given the crowds moving through so Dee and I walked around aimlessly hoping to find maps elsewhere but there were none. We only ever saw maps at the entrance gates. Signage was non-existent which was also frustrating so we sat down after an hour and a half feeling a little flat because we’d gone to look at one ride which was closed, then decided to go on a gondola ride only to be told that was temporarily closed. This came after a lot of walking around so we felt disappointed and wish we’d gone back to Disney instead for a second day. We went back to get a map from the entrance, pushing through crowds, and decided to get some fastpasses (see below). I had a list of rides to get fastpasses for but when we’d gone to the Toy Story Mania ride there were no fastpasses and the queue was a whopping 210 minutes. No thanks!

The Tower of Terror had a massive queue time of 180 minutes but wasn’t a ride we were interested in. It looked very impressive though!

We went off to the Indiana Jones Temple of the Crystal Skull ride to get a fastpass, these were also now unavailable with a queue time of 200 minutes. So we walked over to the 20000 Leagues Under the Sea ride and finally got a fastpass for an hour later which was a relief.

We formed our plan of attack, exploring one world at a time. Dee went on the Caravan Carousel ride in the Arabian Coast area which was all beautifully done.

Soon we were back at the 20000 Leagues ride and it was so much fun and so epic that instantly our disappointment vanished and we had renewed enthusiasm. I highly recommend this ride, I wish we’d gone back for a second turn!

Due to the queue times and fastpasses having run out quickly, we didn’t go on many rides. I despise roller coasters or anything like that but agreed to go on the Flounder’s Flying Fish Coaster which is a child friendly little roller coaster type thing (no loops or anything scary but still sickening enough for me).

In the Mermaid Lagoon area we went in to King Triton’s Kingdom which is basically like a massive cavern. It was a WOW moment when we walked in. Photos I took won’t ever do it justice but if you have younger kids they may just love this place. Then again there were loads of adults without kids queuing up.

Dee went on the Scuttle’s Scooters ride and the Blowfish Balloon Race. These rides had a queue time of about twenty minutes each.

We were there all day and again like Tokyo Disney there weren’t many food options for non-meat eaters so we packed our own lunch and snacks. In the evening we decided to try Ristorante di Canaletto as I’d read they had a vegan option pizza. We queued for 70 minutes for the restaurant. You need to confirm ingredients with your server but it was only after I ate the pizza that I wondered if we had all considered the pesto and whether it contained dairy (I’m dairy intolerant).

DisneySea was stunning at night, with everything lit up. We didn’t stay until closing time, we left maybe half an hour before that. The day had been quite warm but the night was cold and I hadn’t bought a warm top so I ended up buying a Tokyo Disney fleece hoodie. Money well spent as at least I stopped freezing and it’s a souvenir I can actually use.


Below is some info copied from my Tokyo Disney post:


For vegans, the only food options available were the fries, plain popcorn, caramel (sugared) popcorn and the Mickey Shapes ice lollies. A salad cup too I believe. We took our own food in which wasn’t a problem: onigiri, fruit, packet of salad, edamame, juice and daifuku. If you’re vegan or vegetarian, I recommend you bring your own food. We were there from opening time to closing time so I had to pack enough for the day.



A fastpass gives you an allotted time for you to return to the ride concerned, rather than having to wait around in the general standby queues. And these standby queues are LONG. Like, potentially 210 minutes long (and people really do queue for that long).

The rides have signs indicating how long a wait time is. So for the Big Thunder Mountain ride at Tokyo Disney (which works the same way as DisneySea), we didn’t fancy standing in the queue for 60 minutes, which was the wait time listed. So we went to the fastpass machines near the ride entry point. You scan your Disney park entrance ticket, and your fastpass in paper ticket form comes out of the machine. The fastpass tickets we got for Big Thunder Mountain told us our allocated time was between 11:30 – 12:30. So we went off and did other stuff then returned for the ride at 11:30.

If you have a fastpass, you are in a different queue– make sure you have your fastpass ticket ready to scan when you go to your ride!

At around 11:30am we got a fastpass for the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters (at Tokyo Disney) ride, which gave us a time of 18:30 – 19:30. So you can see how quickly the fastpasses fill up! And why you see people rushing to get fastpasses as soon as the gates open.

If you know what rides you want to go on for both Tokyo Disney and DisneySea, I recommend you study your Disney park maps online before your visit and work out the route to the rides concerned. That way you can walk fast (don’t run!) to get your fastpasses as soon as the gates open.



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