DAY 28 Boso no Mura

DAY 28 Boso no Mura

November 10th, 2019

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Boso no Mura

Hotel: Hotel Welco Narita*

We had a late sleep in. As with other days at the Hilton Tokyo Bay we opted not to have breakfast at the buffet, which was an additional too-expensive charge. So it was back to the convenience store for breakfast.

The hotel has a bus to Narita airport which isn’t free, and so we paid 2850 yen total. Our flight wasn’t until the following evening but I wanted to store our bags in airport coin lockers then pick them up before the flight.

By the time we got on the train from Narita airport to Narita train station, it was about 13:40. How this day flew, I don’t know. From Narita station we caught a taxi to Boso no Mura.

Boso no Mura is an open air history museum with traditional buildings and activities to try. It’s a nice place to spend a couple of hours. It’s not open on Monday and if it was we would have probably signed up for the Narita Airport Transit and Stay tours where one option is Boso no Mura.

We tried a couple of craft activities which incur a small fee. We made a bamboo ring ornament, from my limited Japanese I understood this was following the same method used for sake etc barrels. We also made a small stuffed ornament which I can’t recall the name of, but it’s patterned fabric stitched up in to a ball shape.


After our craft sessions we went for a walk in a forest area and saw replicas of old huts, and there was also a museum related to ancient history in the area and archaeological finds:

Boso no Mura has a gift shop as well as a farm shop with fresh local produce. I bought a mustard eggplant dish and fried rice crackers, both were delicious but no photo sorry as the hotel room lighting made them look hideous. We bought some handmade souvenirs from the gift shop.

I had read that buses back to the Narita station area were infrequent but I didn’t realise that meant there were only a couple of buses and the last bus had been hours before. We went to the Boso no Mura information booth and asked someone to call a taxi for us.

The taxi driver took a route down the Naritsan road which was lit up (as it was now dusk) and just so lovely. Our driver was a bit of a Mario Kart driver in the backstreets, zooming around bends.

When we checked in to the Welco Narita Hotel (review here), the hotel desk staff said we had dinner tickets included in our stay, so we had a buffet dinner but not really that great for the non-meat diners. Still good enough though, just lots of rice and salady stuff but at least there was homemade mochi.

This was our last night in Japan and it was good not to have to pack, as our bags were already in the airport lockers.


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