DAY 3: Sanrio Puroland

DAY 3: Sanrio Puroland

October 16th, 2019

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Sanrio Puroland (Hello Kitty World)

Hotel: Hotel Sardonyx Ueno*

Food: Pizzakaya (Roppongi)*

I had intended to leave the hotel around 8:30 to be at Sanrio Puroland for the 10:00 opening time but we were both pretty tired and rested a bit more. Going out to Sanrio Puroland took a while: from Ueno station we transferred at Shinjuku, and followed the advice of a station officer about which train to catch without two transfers. Except I couldn’t remember if he told me to stay on the train or stay on the same train for one transfer. So we stayed on the train, thinking it would take us to the station near Sanrio Puroland but I got it wrong, so at the next stop we got off the train and caught the next train back, where we then caught the Tama monorail. There was a convenience store near (or at?) the station so we quickly popped in to get some onigiri and fruit while waiting for the monorail.

We finally arrived around 12:45 and spent three hours in the world of Sanrio. I was pretty impressed with the venue despite not being interested in the content in general, and when we went down to the lower floor where the shows take place, I was gobsmacked at how cavernous it was. There wasn’t much room to see the performance that was on (it was crowded) but we saw a few minutes and it was pretty full on. I must confess I thought it would be something kinda sad and tacky on a little stage but this is where I discovered that not only is everything Hello Kitty big business, but that business is taken seriously!


We spent most of our time there in the gift shops, which sounds like a waste but the venue is pretty much a massive gift shop with some entertainment and food. I’m not complaining because the merch is really quite lovely and so beautifully presented and the displays are well done. I found myself totally sucked in by the cuteness and bought a pair of Gudetama nail clippers, just because I wanted a souvenir that I could make use of and that looked cute (and Gudetama’s expression cracks me up). We did spend ages in the gift shops browsing but it was all so cute and fun looking that I didn’t mind. Usually I have super low tolerance for gift shop browsing and window shopping.

As there are no vegan options at Sanrio Puroland (none that I could see, anyway) I had packed a Clif bar and protein balls I’d brought from Melbourne. These were handy as a quick snack while my vegetarian daughter got a donut from one of the restaurants before we left.

Dee chose pizza for dinner so the search was on for a pizza joint offering vegetarian and vegan options. Pizzakaya in Roppongi came up on both the Happy Cow app and Google, so we braved Shinjuku station at peak hour to transfer to the line that took us to Roppongi. The station was sardine can busy and hot, but the train wasn’t busy at all.

We both loved our pizzas. Mine was the vegan option veggie pizza with a house made cashew cheese. You can read a review here. Staff were great and we took our time eating our pizza and watching Gladiator on the restaurant tv:

We took our leftovers and our tired feet back to Roppongi station, then back to our hotel, enjoying the local Ueno area.

On to Day 4.

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