DAY 6 Earthquake Science Museum and Autumn Rose Festival

DAY 6 Earthquake Science Museum and Autumn Rose Festival

October 19th, 2019

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Earthquake Science Museum in Kita City
Autumn Rose Festival at Kyu-Furukawa Gardens

Hotel: Hotel Sardonyx Ueno*

Today we tried to take it easy and took our time. Dee slept in and woke up feeling and looking brighter, and she managed a breakfast of two plain onigiri and a banana.

The plan for this day (a Saturday) had been a visit to the Earthquake Science Museum a little west of Ueno followed by a visit to the autumn rose festival at Kyu-Furukawa gardens. From there, exploring the Yanaka area before hopping on a train in the afternoon for the Kawagoe festival.

Well, we made it as far as the earthquake museum and rose festival. We left the hotel late as I wanted Dee to rest as much as possible.

The Earthquake Science Museum was fantastic and one of those things that will stick in our minds as something to remember. From Kami-nakazato station it was a short walk to the museum.

We were the only people there when we arrived and the staff took us in to the simulator room, where we sat on a platform designed to look like three rooms:

The platform then shakes with a level/scale 2 earthquake simulation, then goes up by one until you experience a level 7. That was intense! We had to put a cushion over our heads as you would in a real situation. Then we had two minutes on a level 5, to replicate what happened a few years ago. It’s not exactly fun if like me you are prone to motion sickness and vertigo (luckily Dee was okay after being sick the day before) but still an experience I found valuable and highly recommend it.

The museum also has displays of real life damage, as well as a room that demonstrates how to best secure your home, for example fridges and bookshelves being fixed to wall, shelves of dishes and glasses being lined with a mat, emergency kits with canned foods, and more:

While the museum is mostly in Japanese I was able to use the Google translate camera function, as well as speak to the staff in basic broken Japanese, and they in turn spoke English like I speak Japanese, but we understood each other and had a good chat.

Note that this is NOT the earthquake simulation at Ikebukuro!

On slightly unsteady feet, it was a short walk in cool but humid overcast weather to the Kyu-Furukawa gardens. There was a large variety of roses on display and we enjoyed looking at the different names which were also printed in English:

Kyu-Furukawa gardens is also known for the ‘harmony between Japanese and Western gardens’. There’s a western style mansion and gardens, surrounded by Japanese gardens. It was a beautiful place to wander around and there were quite a lot of people taking photos of the roses:

As we’d had a very late start that was hours after when I’d planned to start, it was a bit too late and Dee was too tired to head over to Kawagoe for the festival. I’d also planned the walk around Yanaka area which didn’t happen unfortunately, but with sick kids recovering there’s not much you can do, especially when you don’t want to risk them being sick on the train again. So we made our way back to the hotel.

For lunch, we just stopped at convenience stores for fruit and more onigiri on the go. For dinner we went to the Coco Ichibanya Ueno outlet near our hotel only to find they don’t serve the plant based menu. So we walked back to the hotel via more convenience stores. For my dinner I bought a cold soba noodle dish, a packet of precooked edamame and another onigiri. I discarded the sauces that came with the soba as they’re fish based and instead used a sachet of salt and pepper from the flight and some boiled water from our room kettle:

It felt like a kind of ‘nothing much happened today’ kind of day even though we were out for a while and took our time in the gardens which was good for Dee. I guess this is the reality of travel when you’re not feeling your best and prefer to move slowly instead of rushing to the next place, and the reason why I planned a four week trip was so we could take our time and not rush.

On to Day 7.

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