DAY 8 Taking It Easy Around Shinjuku

DAY 8 Taking It Easy Around Shinjuku

October 21st, 2019

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Yoyogi Park

Food: Chaya (Isetan store, Shinjuku)*; Good Town Doughnuts*

This was our last day (for now) in Tokyo. My original itinerary had allocated this day to Mount Takao, but we just didn’t feel up to it. We started the day with posting a box of stuff back home, I think we paid around $93AUD for a 4.3kg box to be sent via air mail. I packed a bunch of souvenirs we’d bought but also clothing we no longer needed, or that I didn’t think we’d end up using (which was a good call, as I never needed the thermals!) The post offices open at 10am so already it felt like a chunk of the morning had been kinda wasted waiting for the post office to open, then to go back and post the parcel.

So, we decided to just play it by ear today but start with a visit to Shinjuku Gyoen gardens. But when we got there they were closed for a maintenance day or something. ARGH. So, we walked around and looked in the Sekaido stationery store for what turned out to be a long time. I had also planned to go in to the four-floor Shinjuku Lush store which is the largest store in Asia but the smell of the store was so strong even from a distance outside that it was making me a bit sneezy so we didn’t go in.

But the Isetan department store was nearby and that means the Chaya restaurant with vegan cake! I got the Japanese chestnut roll cake and Dee got the strawberry shortcake (gluten free). Both were so so good, and I knew we had to go back so I could get the strawberry cake all to myself:

As if we hadn’t had enough cakey stuff, I loaded up Google Maps and noted my pinned locations, one being Good Town Doughnuts. So we head off to find it, taking our time admiring buildings. Good Town Doughnuts is in a quiet little area which I believe is a local community of small business (with housing in the same area). It’s a really nice little space.

From Good Town Doughnuts (review here), I got the pistachio raspberry donut and Dee got the raspberry lemonade donut, also vegan. Easily some of the best donuts I’ve ever had:

Next door was The Little Bakery Tokyo and they had some vegan options like bread and a cinnamon roll, but I was way too full to get anything more.

From there we decided to check out Yoyogi Park and we ended up spending about two hours there, walking around slowly and just sitting down resting our sore feet. We didn’t explore the whole park as my foot was hurting a bit too much, so we mostly sat down or walked slowly. My apologies for the lack of photos, most have my daughter in them.

So this was another do-nothing kind of day mostly spent with walking around Shinjuku, or popping in to little shops to browse for a while, getting some souvenirs etc. One of those days where before you know it it’s already 5pm. We had a simple convenience store dinner again of onigiri and fruit, before heading back to the hotel to start packing up for the trip ahead.


Although we didn’t really achieve much in terms of sightseeing, it wasn’t a problem because we both really needed a chill out day, and it turned out well as the next day was set to be a big one.

On to Day 9.

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