D’Vine Nikko Restaurant and Lounge

D’Vine Nikko Restaurant and Lounge

Date of visit: early November, 2019

D’Vine Nikko gets good reviews in vegan and vegetarian circles, and so it was on the to-do list for our Nikko stay. We weren’t disappointed with our meals and if we’d had another night in Nikko we would have gone back.

Dee got fries (which were vegan) and D’Vine adapted a pizza for her (vegetarian) and she liked it so much she asked for a second.

From the vegan menu, I ordered the agedashi tofu which is a share plate serve and the vegetable donburi. Both were delicious.

We had a lot of fun looking at the walls which were decorated with badges, some made us laugh. Jerry Springer for President! I recognised some slogans from Australian businesses and tv ads.

To find D’Vine Nikko, look for the Lawson store on street level. There’s a sliding door to the left and you go up the staircase inside the building.

English is no problem here and the menus are also in English. If you’re vegan and looking for a great dinner, this is a great option.



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