Fuji Tempura Idaten in Kawaguchiko

Fuji Tempura Idaten in Kawaguchiko

Date of visit: early November 2019


This restaurant came up in some searches for vegan options in the area near Kawaguchiko station. I was happy to see an English menu provided with this level of detail:


However there was only the one vegan tempura option so it was a little disappointing after seeing the menu and having read reviews about vegan options (note the plural) but the tempura I ordered seemed to be the only vegan dish. Still, no complaints because it’s good they go to an effort with the English menu and providing a dish vegans can enjoy.

And so my lunch was a selection of vegetables and mushroom tempura, with some soy based dipping sauce. I’m always happy to have tempura but if this dish was somehow combined with another good vegan offering, it could be great.

It’s worth visiting if you’re in the area and need a quick lunch, but think of it more as a snack.


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