Kura Hotel Ichinoseki

Kura Hotel Ichinoseki

Date of stay: mid-October 2019

When breakfast is included in a hotel stay and is served buffet style, I never really hold out much hope for a good hearty vegan breakfast. Kura Hotel Ichinoseki had a fairly good vegan-options breakfast which was a nice surprise. Nothing fried or greasy, more the ‘healthy’ kind of stuff.

My options were the salad and pickled veggies, rice, and I cheated a bit and used the tofu-wakame mix that was supposed to be for the not-vegetarian miso soup. My favourite options though were the sesame mochi and sweet mame mochi, I had more than a few of those.

Our room was small but clean and comfortable. The supplied pyjamas were made from a fabric that frankly felt kinda awful, but I’m not in to wearing the hotel pyjamas anyway.


The staff were helpful and provided me with a printed timetable when Google Maps was telling me there were no buses running.

The hotel was quite busy and I believe it hosts conferences and such in the region. For us, we never needed to explore the facilities so there’s not too much I can say about our stay here.

The location was excellent, just a short walk from Ichinoseki station, and close to the convenience stores and supermarket.

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