Loving Hut Tokyo in Jimbocho

Loving Hut Tokyo

Date of visit: mid November 2019

Having three Loving Hut restaurants in my hometown, and loving each of them, I’ve made it a personal goal to seek out the local Loving Hut if I travel. Japan has one Loving Hut in Tokyo, near Jimbocho station. As with other Loving Huts, it’s all vegan.

Loving Hut Tokyo is only open on Saturdays. Their lunch service is a buffet style with dinner being off the menu. I had really wanted to visit for lunch during our trip but the times never matched up, so our only option was dinner.

I ordered the jumbo gyoza and yes, they were jumbo. And very filling. I also got the fried soy meat skewers which were quite nice.

It’s a nice space inside with books you can browse through. The Supreme Master TV channel was on, volume off but with subtitles.

I wish we’d been able to go for lunch, or to eat more at dinner. Dee wasn’t all that hungry but didn’t want anything on the menu and asked for plain rice and broccoli, which they were happy to provide so that was appreciated. The staff were lovely. I also watched with some envy as the table next to us had good looking food coming out plate after plate!

Loving Hut was an easy walk from Jimbocho station, with lots of book stalls lining the streets as Jimbocho is famous for its many bookshops and stalls.


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