Nu Dish Deli & Cafe in Ginza

Nu Dish Deli & Cafe in Ginza

Date of visit: early November 2019

We’d made a plan to go to Ain Soph Ginza for lunch but when we got there, thinking it was open, there was a sign on the day saying not today. So I loaded up Google Maps to see what was nearby and saw that the all-vegan Nu dish Deli & Cafe was a short walk away. That was lunch sorted!

We were attended to the second we walked in, with someone (the manager perhaps) taking our order as we waited in the queue. A display cabinet held a variety of desserts, and a table nearby sold things like baked treats and takeaway goodies.

I ordered the T’s European style smile curry. There were T’s products in the store (T’s as in T’s Tan Tan) so I assume this is some kind of collaboration. A very nice mellow curry with the fried soy meat side.

I also got the cheesecake:

The manager very kindly gave Dee some small pieces of the chocolate cake we saw in the cabinet which turned in to ordering a whole piece. I got to try some and it was delicious, and I’m not usually really in to chocolate cake.

Feeling very fully and happy with our meals, we made our way out and the manager came over to have a chat to us and thanking us for visiting. I had planned to go back but unfortunately it didn’t happen. Next time.

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