Omusubi Gonbe Aoyama in Shibuya

Omusubi Gonbe Aoyama

Date of visit: early November, 2019


Omusubi Gonbe Aoyama is located almost halfway between Shibuya station and Omote-sando station. I had planned to get one of each of whatever was vegan, but when I saw the three or four options in the display case and how big they were, I figured two would suffice.

I got the miso topped omusubi and the konbu. The konbu onigiri in the convenience stores aren’t vegan and so I wanted to try this version. The vegan options are clearly labelled and you can eat in if you want which we did.

Why is it that at home, I never liked miso on rice but suddenly in Japan I was all over it? On the place side I now love it at home.

If you’re in the area it’s a great option for a vegan snack, though it’s more a meal if you get two or three as they’re much larger than the onigiri in the convenience stores. I had planned to go back if we were in the area but unfortunately it didn’t work out, so I’ll leave it for the next trip.

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