Shaw’s Sushi Bar and Dining in Kawaguchiko

Shaw’s Sushi Bar and Dining in Kawaguchiko

Date of visit: early November 2019

The photos, I hope, can speak for themselves– this was possibly the best meal I ate during our trip.

Shaw’s Sushi Bar is located a very short walk from Kawaguchiko station. When we were seated I showed our server a photo of the vegan options someone had posted on an online review site, and I was told this wouldn’t be a problem. I did have to confirm what vegan meant, as initially the staff answered in a way where you know they are confusing it with gluten free, so please be sure to mention gluten is okay (if you can eat that) and you don’t want any animal or fish product.

I’m looking at these photos now and sitting here thinking how much I wish I could have this food in my hometown. The sushi/maki rolls contained a filling of avocado and a tempura of eggplant and Japanese sweet potato. There was also a tasty leaf and more tempura as well as a soup and edamame. Staff were happy to provide Dee with her plain rice sushi rolls.

Amazing, beautiful food. Vegans, you won’t be disappointed. I can’t remember what I paid but honestly I don’t care because I’d get this over and over again. Excellent.

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