T’s TanTan at Tokyo Station

T’s TanTan at Tokyo Station

Date of visit: early November 2019

Fortunately we didn’t go around in circles finding the Tokyo Station outlet of T’s Tan Tan. I knew we had to go to Keiyo Street past the ticket gates, so we followed signs for the Keio line and eventually found T’s Tan Tan after walking a fair bit through a lot of crowd.

Dee wasn’t really hungry so it was up to me to order the gold sesame tantan with the ma-po tofu bowl for 1310 yen. This was after spending some trying trying to decide what to get as there were so many good looking options.

The tantan was really good. The ma-po tofu was okay but it was the tantan I really liked.

The restaurant was fairly busy but our food came out quickly. I don’t have many photos because there were so many people around and very hustle-bustle with people waiting to be seated. But I can certainly see why people flock to T’s Tan Tan and of course I’m part of that group now. Great stuff and in my experience worth the hype.

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