T’s TanTan Ueno Station

Date of visit: October 15th, 2019

T’s TanTan is often on the list of vegan and vegetarian travelers to Japan. There are a handful of outlets as well as T’s Restaurant.

For this outlet at Ueno Station, we had a tough time finding it resulting in us walking around in circles (thanks to Google Maps and navigation not working properly in Tokyo) at lunch time before giving up in frustration. Fortunately we were luckier at dinner time.

Here’s the trick for T’s TanTan Ueno: you must look for the Ecute mall signs AFTER you pass through the ticket gates. We never saw signs for Ecute until we went past the ticket gates with our Suica cards, doh.

I had the white sesame tantan set with the side of fried soy meat. This was delicious, I’m not usually a ramen fan (give me something on rice and I’m happy), but this was really very good:

The fried soy meat was very good as well, I haven’t had this kind of soy meat before and it was much nicer than anything I’ve had in the past eight years:

My daughter had the spaghetti bolognese. Of course I had some (well, most of it, as she didn’t want much). This was excellent. I wouldn’t order a bolognese in a vegan restaurant as I make my own often, but I’m really happy I got to try this. It was served with some sliced vegan cheese, pickles, and a soup (also delicious):

T’s TanTan Ueno was quite busy when we visited, but service was quick and efficient.

Remember, to find the Ueno outlet you need to go past the ticket barriers then you’ll see signs on walls and pillars pointing you to Ecute!


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