DAY 29 Naritasan and Flying Back Home

DAY 29 Naritasan and Flying Back Home

November 11th, 2019

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Food: T’s Tan Tan Narita*

Today’s plan was to check out Naritasan Shinshoji temple and the popular street leading up to it known as the Omotesando. Naritasan and the Omotesando are good places to visit if you have time to spare before a later flight, as was the case for us. Naritsan is about a 15 minute walk from JR Narita station or the Keisei Narita station, but make sure you leave plenty of time for exploring all the stores along the Omotesando.

I bought some super soft mochi coated in a heavy dusting of matcha. I would say this is perhaps an acquired taste as it’s quite bitter and chalky at the start but the mochi is only slightly sweet but enough to relieve the bitterness. I could only eat one or two small pieces at a time then call it quits but five minutes later I was back at it.


We took our time walking and checking out various stores before arriving at the temple area.

Soon it was time to say goodbye to Japan, or at least the sightseeing portion. We took the train to Narita airport, many hours before our flight, and looked at lots of shops for souvenirs and of course back to the gachapon area we saw when we first arrived.


And then it was time for our last meal in Japan which of course had to be at the all-vegan T’s Tan Tan Narita.

Gotta get a photo of the super toilet advertisement. When we renovate our bathrooms I’m getting heated seats.


We collected our bags from the coin locker and made our way to our departure lounge. Our plane was delayed about 50 minutes. The first main meal on the flight was a rice with sad overcooked plain veg, a saucy ratatouille thing, bread roll and my nemesis vegan-option, the fruit cup.


Our flight was an overnighter and neither of us got any sleep. An hour before landing we were served the smaller breakfast meal. For me this was a tiny wrap (and I mean really small because the photo makes it look normal size) filled with the ratatouille and the nemesis fruit cup had exploded out in to fruit box form.

We arrived on time in Melbourne at 08:00 and skipped on out thanks to not having any checked luggage or anything to declare. Cabin baggage only is AWESOME.

And that was our trip. We had a fantastic time and I’m so glad I made it a four week trip so we weren’t rushing everywhere and doing too much stuff every day.


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