T’s Tan Tan Narita

T’s Tan Tan Narita

Date of visit: mid November 2019

It’s great that there’s a T’s Tan Tan at Narita airport. I saw people who had just arrived going straight there for a meal, and people like us who were leaving and enjoying a last meal.

This time I opted for the double curry because my last meal anywhere will always be a curry. Both were nice and quite similar to the smile curry I had at nu Dish (which I think is a sort of collaboration).

Dee got the cheese pizza though she didn’t like the vegan cheese and took most of it off.

For a final meal in Japan, T’s Tan Tan was a good choice. I couldn’t take photos inside as it was busy but through the windows you can see planes coming in. It’s a nice way to say hello to Japan, or like us, farewell until next time.


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