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JAPAN, AUTUMN 2019 (myself and eleven year old)

I had planned a loose itinerary for each day as a guideline. I had booked four weeks in Japan to factor in sickness, or just feeling like not doing much, because I hate rushing around and wanted to take it easy. This ended up being a great plan as we did have some sickness, tiredness and soreness as well as days where the morning seemed to fly by without us doing much. There were days where we didn’t feel up to walking a lot and that meant we skipped some of the things I’d planned (sorry Mount Takao).

I learned that when traveling with a child around this age it is best to aim for doing at least one touristy kind of thing during the day. Kids can often tire easily and there were many days where my daughter was looking tired by 2pm.

For some tips on what we packed and general thoughts on this time of year (it was humid!) please see my Tips page.


DAY 1: Melbourne to Tokyo flight and arrival

DAY 2: Ameyoko, Akihabara and Ueno

DAY 3: Sanrio Puroland

DAY 4: Fun in Ikebukuro

DAY 5 Senso-ji, Sickness and Sailor Moon

DAY 6 Earthquake Science Museum and Autumn Rose Festival

DAY 7 Yokohama for the Vegan Matsuri

DAY 8 Taking It Easy Around Shinjuku

DAY 9 Kakunodate and Furusato Farmstay

DAY 10 Full day at Furusato Farmstay (links to Furusato Farmstay post)

DAY 11 Akita Nairiku Railway and Seitsukan Farmstay

DAY 12 Full day at Seitsukan Farmstay (links to Seisetsukan Farmstay post)

DAY 13 Hiraizumi

DAY 14 Geibikei Boat Ride and Flying Dango at Genbikei

DAY 15 Morohashi Museum and Goshikinuma in Fukushima Prefecture

DAY 16 Station Master Cat and Aizu Wakamatsu

DAY 17 Off to Nikko

DAY 18 Edo Wonderland and Tosho-gu

DAY 19 Kegon Falls, Chuzenji and Back to Tokyo

DAY 20 A Lazy Day and Shinjuku Gyoen

DAY 21 Bus from Tokyo Station to Kawaguchiko

DAY 22 Mount Fuji and a Bus Back to Tokyo

DAY 23 TenQ Space Museum and Tokyo Station Character Street

DAY 24 TeamLab Borderless and Odaiba

DAY 25 Imperial Palace Gardens and an Awesome Lunch

DAY 26 Tokyo Disney

DAY 27 DisneySea

DAY 28 Boso no Mura

DAY 29 Naritasan and Flying Back Home